episode 1 | Mike Garson

In this first episode of the Creative Blood podcast host Laura Conway sits down with legendary pianist Mike Garson from his home studio in Los Angeles. Best known as David Bowie’s pianist, Mike insists that the starting point for every artist must be with doing your homework, and boy, has this guy done his!

He shares how he lives his life like a piano improvisation, why he believes that your self and your art should be one and the same and how getting a random call from Bowie led to him finding his home in rock’n’roll.

As for turning down Frank Sinatra, walking away from a Buddy Rich audition and why he loves to “pay it forward” - it’s all in there.

Mike’s passion for music and life will ooze through your speakers as he shares his incredible ride of creative highs and lows, with a tonne of heart and soul.

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